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The mission of West Hawaii Community Health Center is to make quality, comprehensive, and integrated health services accessible to all who pass through our doors regardless of their ability to pay.  These services are culturally sensitive and promote community well-being through the practice of “malama pono” (caring for others in a way that is right).


Together, we are building a healthy community, like weaving lauhala, to nurture strong, productive individuals and families who live “lokahi” (unity).


West Hawaii Community Health Center believes in “MALAMA PONO.”  For us, this includes:
–    Respect and honor:  We respect what people think and feel, and we honor their values.  We treat each individual with dignity and respect.
–    Ohana:  We seek out the best for our patients, just as we must seek out the best for our families.  We know that our patients are aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends.
–    Aloha:  We provide an environment that is warm, welcoming, and lives up to the spirit of this land.
–    Responsiveness:  We are always mindful of the ever-changing needs of our community and their impact on services.
–    Patience:  True caring takes time.  Trust takes time.  We take the time to listen, understand, and help others understand.  We work to earn the trust necessary for exceptional care.
–    Diversity:  We embrace the diversity of our community by honoring cultural and spiritual diversities and commonalities.
–    Resourcefulness:  Our skilled and knowledgeable staff strives to take the best care of people while making the most of their resources.
–    Leadership:  The Board of Directors is the steward of our mission, vision, and values, and promotes our message of wellness to build a strong healthy community.  We are a hub of innovation, encouraging an integrated model of wellness and setting the standard of care in our community.
–    Commitment:  We are dedicated, keep our mission and vision in sight, and work through differences.
–    Team Work:  Functioning as a team, we persevere and fulfill our mission.  Collaboration among ourselves and our many friends in West Hawaii and beyond is our best hope for achieving our mission.
–    The Best Practice of Medicine:  As leaders, and with a responsibility to our community, the Board of Directors and the staff are committed to high standards of quality care.  It is critical that these services are presented in ways that are inclusive of and sensitive to the many cultures on Big Island, especially Hawaiian traditions.

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