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Success is a Team Effort

Rospen came to West Hawaii Community Health Center for medical care after experiencing symptoms of a urinary track infection.  At her appointment, she saw Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth Fryer, and was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, having a glucose (sugar) reading of 500 – a normal reading is between 70-120.  RN Care Coordinator, Lynn, of West Hawaii Community Health Center’s Patient Centered Health Care home program was asked to partner with Rospen to provide diabetes education and ongoing support.

Rospen learned of the effects of diabetes on the body: the importance of complying with proper diet, excercise, and medication directions, testing her blood sugar, preparing daily journals, and keeping follow-up appointments to prevent further complications.  Unknown to Lynn, Rospen’s husband, John, who was sitting nearby, was already a patient with WHCHC with his own Type II diabetes, and had experienced vision and kidney problems.

After learning the frightening complications associated with diabetes, Rospen was ready to make lifestyle changes, understood the need and importance of compliance, and scheduled a follow-up appointment.  At the appointment, with her daily journal in hand, Rospen met with Lynn and reviewed the recordings of sugars, diet, medications, and exercise accomplishments.  To Lynn’s surprise, John’s log was on the back, as the couple had worked together to comply with her advice.

Having a greater surge of energy and an overall sense of well-being, the couple remarked that they now shop at open markets where they buy fresh fruits and vegetables together and even walk daily for an hour.  John explained that he was listening during Rospen’s appointment and had taken the advice to heart as he wanted to make lifestyle changes as well, so he and Rospen can “live a better life.”

Today, Rospen and John continue to be on the road to a lifelong success with a decrease in their blood glucose levels and Rospen is now down to just one diabetic medication a day.  They continue to visit open markets, prepare healthy meals, keep daily logs, and exercise regularly.

The couple found success, here at West Hawaii Community Health Center, due to the team effort of WHCHC’s provider and care coordination staff, and their own efforts as a couple.  John wrote, “My wife and I are so grateful and appreciative for the significant improvement in our health, thanks to the advice and support of NP Elizabeth Fryer and PCHCH Nurse, Lynn.  Our lives are forever changed.”

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