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Have questions about your bill?  Call us at 808-326-3891.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand your medical bill.  West Hawaii Community Health Center  has a team of Patient Services Representatives to better assist you with any issues that may arise in the billing of your appointment.  Please see our frequently asked questions below to find answers related to your bill:

Customer Service
Financial Assistance
Patient Billing


Customer Service

When is payment of my bill expected?
All copays and deductibles are expected at time of service. The balance is expected upon receipt of your billing statement which you will receive every month as long as you have a balance.  If you have difficultly paying your bill, phone the billing office to discuss a payment plan.

What options do I have to pay my bill?
In person you can pay check, credit card, or cash.  We accept check or credit card by mail.  You may also pay your bill over the phone by providing your credit card information to the billing office.

Can my friend/relative call on my behalf to get information for me on my account?
Unless you have signed a consent form, very limited information can be discussed.

I did not receive some of the services for which I have been billed.  What should I do?
Call the billing department at the numbers listed above.

What happens if I do not have health insurance?
We have a Medicaid outreach worker on site that can help you apply for Medicaid. If you do not qualify for Medicaid there are other income based programs that may help cover the cost of medical services you receive at West Hawaii Community Health Center.  For assistance, call (808) 327-0803.

Financial Assistance

If I am unable to pay my balance in full is it possible to make payment arrangements?
Yes, please call 808-326-3891.

Is financial assistance available if I do not have health insurance?
Yes, there are income based programs that you may qualify for based on income and family size.

Is there is a discount available if I do not qualify for financial assistance?
Not at this time, however you can set up payment plans that will fit your budget.


How will I know when my health insurance carrier has paid?
You should receive a notice from your insurance carrier. We will not notify you when we receive payment.

Why did I receive a bill if I have insurance?
You should first call you insurance carrier to find out how they processed your claim. They can better explain health benefits. After you have spoken with your insurance carrier, if you still have questions or would like to set up a payment plan please call 808-326-3891.

Will my insurance cover this service?
In most cases we verify eligibility prior to your appointment, however; there is no guarantee of coverage until your insurance plan received the claim and can determine benefits. It is best to check with your insurance carrier to see if the services you want are covered. Our billing department can help you with this.

Is it my responsibility to ensure that the service(s) I need and/or receive are covered by my health insurance plan before receiving them?
Yes, it is your responsibility; however, if you need assistance the billing office can help.

If my insurance does not cover the medical service(s) I need and/or receive, am I responsible for the bill?
Yes, you are responsible for the bill; however, under some circumstance there may be programs to help pay for preventive services and child immunizations. You can contact front desk or the billing department to help you find out more about these programs.

Patient Billing

How can I pay my WHCHC bill?
You can pay your bill using cash, check, or credit card.

How do I get a copy of my bill?
Statements are mailed out monthly. If you recently moved or have not received a bill, please call the billing department to update your address, 808-326-3891.

What types of bills should I expect?
If a urine or blood specimen is taken, you can expect a bill from an independent lab as well as a bill from West Hawaii Community Health Center. Anytime you give a specimen you should ask your health care provider if they will be sending it to an outside lab and if you should expect a separate bill.

I had prior authorization for my health care service(s) at WHCHC.  Why am I being asked to pay money?
Most insurance plans have copays, coinsurance and/or deductible for most services provided.

What if I overpay my bill?
Please call and request a refund, 808-326-3891.

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