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I decided to donate to the Kapilina Brick Garden project that West Hawaii Community Health Center was participating in back in 2011, when I learned of the opportunity through a friend of mine who sits on the WHCHC Board of Directors. It was an opportunity to support the Health Center and participate in a Brick Garden located at the West Hawaii Community Civic Center. A total of seven non-profit organizations participated, bringing the people of our community together and beautifying the grounds of the Civic Center for all to enjoy.

Over recent months, I watched volunteers piece the garden together brick by brick to create an eternal masterpiece that will remain in Kona for a lifetime. “I am proud to have a brick in this garden of 1,500 bricks in a variety of sizes and colors which are dedicated to community leaders, residents, schools, businesses, and loved ones, leaving a permanent link to our past in West Hawaii.

It was announced that there were 53 individuals, companies and groups that purchased a brick in the Kapilina Brick Garden project through West Hawaii Community Health Center. I am pleased that I was one of them.”

“Ka-pilina” means “the relationship” in Hawaiian, and the garden serves as a place where people can come to remember the stories and memories that the names on the bricks hold.  The first phase of the Kapilina Brick Garden was completed in November 2013 and was blessed and taro was planted several weeks after its completion. Phase II of the Brick project is underway to sell the remaining bricks.

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